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What’s the Penalty for Missing Jury Duty in North Carolina?

North Carolina, like all other states, regularly recruits people to come to courts and serve as a member of a jury. This allows citizens undergoing a trial to have one of their fundamental rights: a trial with a jury of their peers. However, despite the jury system being a cornerstone of our legal structure, many people feel dismayed when they rece...
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What Happens If I Can’t Pay a Ticket?

Nobody wants to receive a traffic ticket. Everybody, however, must pay what they owe. Ignoring your traffic ticket is a mistake that could result in much more serious trouble, such as increased fines, license suspension, points on your driving record, and even warrants for your arrest. If you aren’t paying a ticket because you can’t afford it, ...
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What Is DWI Per Se?

The phrase DWI per se may come up in a drunk or drugged driving accident case in North Carolina. Per se means “by or in itself.” Something that is illegal per se means that because the defendant broke a law, this in and of itself is enough to prove the defendant is guilty of the crime. In a driving while intoxicated (DWI) per se case in North ...
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Are Fireworks Legal in North Carolina?

The Fourth of July holiday may be officially over, but that has not stopped the sale of fireworks throughout the state. In fact, many people visit fireworks stands to purchase more goods in advance of other summer celebrations and next year’s festivities. This begs an important question: Are sales of these fireworks legal? Which laws govern the s...
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North Carolina Self Defense Laws

The laws governing self-defense law in North Carolina are complex and can be difficult to understand, but it’s essential to grasp their context. What are the rules governing self-defense and crime in North Carolina? When will a person be criminally liable for the harm of another, or protected under the idea of self-defense? Here’s how North Car...
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