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How to Drop a Restraining Order in North Carolina

Restraining orders are crucial legal tools that allow individuals to escape abusive partners, family members, coworkers, and others who have harmed them in the past. To secure a restraining order, the individual petitioning for the order must complete the required paperwork and offer evidence of the threat of harm from the subject of the order duri...
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What Proof Do You Need for a Restraining Order?

The process of obtaining a restraining order follows a framework similar to any other civil procedure. The person filing for the order completes the required paperwork and submits a claim to the court. The court reviews the application and then schedules a hearing for the claimant, and the judge presiding over the hearing will render a judgment aft...
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Is There a Self Defense Law in North Carolina?

U.S. citizens have a universal right to reasonable self-defense in qualifying circumstances. However, not all states have the same laws – each state has their own definitions of self-defense and when it is permissible to use. As a North Carolina resident, it’s essential to know the applicable self-defense laws so you can act appropriately in a ...
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What’s the Penalty for Missing Jury Duty in North Carolina?

North Carolina, like all other states, regularly recruits people to come to courts and serve as a member of a jury. This allows citizens undergoing a trial to have one of their fundamental rights: a trial with a jury of their peers. However, despite the jury system being a cornerstone of our legal structure, many people feel dismayed when they rece...
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What Happens If I Can’t Pay a Ticket?

Nobody wants to receive a traffic ticket. Everybody, however, must pay what they owe. Ignoring your traffic ticket is a mistake that could result in much more serious trouble, such as increased fines, license suspension, points on your driving record, and even warrants for your arrest. If you aren’t paying a ticket because you can’t afford it, ...
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