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How Long Does a DUI Stay on Your Driving Record?

No one wants one mistake to impact the rest of their life. However, drivers should know that, typically, a DUI charge remains on your record with some permanency, and carries long lasting effects to your future. Consequences of a DUI Charge Aside from the obvious fine, driving under the influence comes with several other consequences. A DUI ...
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Is it illegal to spank your child in NC?

North Carolina is a state that allows physical punishment to discipline children. In the recent past, the question of when punishment becomes child abuse has surfaced in the state. Though different members of the public give different answers based on their own upbringing and values, what does North Carolina law say? If you or a loved one has e...
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Do Expunged Records Show up on Background Checks?

The record expungement process exists to help individuals overcome their past mistakes. A criminal record can interfere with employment opportunities, present a roadblock when an individual needs financial aid or financing, and even limit housing options. Employers typically perform background checks on all employment applicants, and it is vital f...
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How Many Expungements Can You Get in NC?

Expungement is the process of removing a criminal charge from an individual’s record and sealing or destroying the public record of the arrest, charge, and/or conviction. A criminal record can present a major roadblock to a person trying to find financial aid, employment, or enlist in military service. Expungement can essentially remove this...
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Is Sexting Illegal in North Carolina?

“Sexting” is the transmission of sexually explicit text messages, usually containing nude photographs of the participants in the conversation. While adults are free in some states to take sexually explicit photographs of themselves and share them with other willing adults, they must be very careful about the ages of the recipients of sexually e...
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