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Thank you so much for your help, Jesse – you are brilliant!!

Thank you for all your work & effort on my behalf. You are a wonderful lawyer and a compassionate human being, and I will happily recommend your firm to everyone I know!

-Cynthia, Traffic Client

You are indeed …THE MAN.

But seriously, my family and I appreciate the professionalism, the attention to detail, and the timeliness that you put into your work. You were a godsend to me and my family.
Thanks Again, and all blessings to you and yours.

-Douglass, Criminal Defense Client

I needed an attorney and called on Jesse.

Jesse listen to my case and to my surprise acted on it right away. In a matter of days Jessie took care of the problem and most of all the charge for service was very fair. I will use Jesse for all of my needs. Thanks Jesse.

-Ed, Criminal Defense Client

He Cares.

I have nothing positive things to say about my experience with Jesse. You can feel that he actually cares about your case and wants to be as helpful as possible. He knew exactly how to navigate the court room and ultimately got my charges dismissed. Can’t recommend him enough.

-Jack, Criminal Defense Client

Hard Working!

Jesse is one of the hardest working professionals I have ever met in my life. It can be tough to balance a full time job and the time that comes along with the legal process, but Jesse is there to make it easy. Jesse is very well versed and understands the legal process and the steps to be successful. Jesse was able to represent me with integrity and passion. He cared about my situation and about me as a person. I would recommend Jesse to anyone who is looking for legal services. Jesse took the initiative to take care of the situation even when I was not available. I would highly recommend his firm’s services.

-TJ, Criminal Defense Client

I would recommend the Scharff Law firm to anyone.

They are a great family oriented firm, They really care about their clients. From the moment I called them I felt at ease. They kept me updated on my case with phone calls and emails. Which was very comforting. I was very pleased with the outcome. Do not hesitate to call them!!!

-Latoya, Criminal Defense Client

Jesse knows his way around a Wake County courtroom! No DMV hearing!

Jesse Scharff was referred to me by another local and respected attorney to help me with getting my drivers license reinstated after a 3 year permanent revocation. While I had been expecting to handle my own DMV hearing, get friends to vouch for me there, etc Jesse took the reins. He executed on a very creative idea and through his courtroom relationships and negotiations he was successful in working out an arrangement with the Court to allow me to drive again without jumping through the DMV hoops. Absolutely awesome. I am fantastically appreciative of what Jesse did for me and highly recommend him for anyone who needs a smart advocate on your side who is an expert in the courtroom.

-Adam, Criminal Defense Client

Skilled, Knowledgable, and Honest with Effective Results.

After having a few points on my driving record that are due to completely clear this coming January, I got a ticket for about 20 miles over the speed limit a few months ago and then another one for 5 miles over about a month later that Mr. Scharff combined on the same court date and got both dismissed to avoid affecting my driving record or insurance.

Mr. Scharff takes your case seriously, is up front about everything, kept me informed along the way, and uses all the resources at his disposal to acquire the best possible result. Highly recommended!

-Adam, Criminal Defense Client

Professional – Trustworthy – Responsive – Knowledgeable Attorney

The Scharff Law Firm did a great job.

Throughout the entire process Jesse was very informative as well as calming and made us very confident of his ability to do exactly what he said he was going to do for me. Jesse eased our minds from the first conversation my husband had with him on the phone to the day in court which was invaluable.

At one of the most scariest times of my life the Scharff Lawn Firm came through for my husband and I and we can’t thank them enough. At no point did I feel my attorney ever passed judgement. Jesse treated my husband and I with the utmost respect.

I would recommend Scharff Law Firm to anyone who is in need of a criminal defense attorney.

-Criminal Defense Client

Couldn’t ask for a better attorney!

Jesse is a great attorney! He kept us informed and made sure that we had all the information we needed to assist in getting the case dismissed. You’ve got to hand it to someone who knows the laws this well and is as respected as he is!

-Criminal Defense Client

If you’re reading this you probably need an attorney – LOOK NO FURTHER – Jesse Scharff is your man.

I recently had a situation occur that was potentially damaging for the rest of my life. I called Jesse and within 5 minutes of discussion on the phone told him to sign me up as a client and asked when we could meet. We discussed a brief overview of my situation and met the next day. Based upon our brief, initial discussion Jesse had already formulated some ideas and then, based upon our further, in-depth discussions Jesse knew exactly what course of action to take. I left his office with a plan, a promise from him to communicate and a much better feeling. Jesse laid out the course of how things would happen and and play out and how he would address them and he thought best to move forward. I trusted Jesse -implicitly- and he delivered. He researched my situation/case, contacted the appropriate parties in a timely and highly effective manner and proceeded to move forward exactly as he told me he would.

Jesse never made any promises he couldn’t keep/deliver and he was straight up with regards to matters that were of concern to me and potential “issues” with my situation. He quickly and effectively moved to trial but not without having a pretty clear picture of exactly what was going to happen. He told me what the outcome was likely to be and was completely honest during the whole process while giving me comfort with how the process would develop and evolve.

Jesse was amazing – when we went to court that day he was more than just my advocate. He had my back in every sense of the word and truly looked out for my best interest. The results that Jesse attained are amazing – when I think of it I am still just a bit dumbfounded on how quickly he acted, how effective he was and how he delivered results that exceeded not only my expectations but, honestly, my best case scenario.

Jesse will give you a review of your case, lay out his thoughts and opinion for you and tell you where you stand while making no unreasonable promises. I knew I had a good attorney when I read reviews from his peers and others in the legal field and they said they would choose Jesse if they needed an attorney – what I didn’t know was that I would be getting someone who TRULY looks out for your human interests and rights. I could go on but I will close by simply stating that Jesse will tell you straight up what is going and and he will work hard for you, your rights and your interests…. and he isn’t arrogant, judgemental or egotistical about it. Hire him –

-Criminal Defense Client

Worth Every Dollar Spent to Get You Out of Trouble!!

This attorney is the best decision one can make. I was all worried for nothing while Jesse Scharff maneuvered the court room like a maverick and got the case dismissed!!!
Thank you so much!!! He is for real!!

-Steve, Criminal Defense Client

Please read and look no further…

First off let me say there are not strong enough words to express my family’s gratitude towards Attorney Scarf and all he has done on our behalf. Facing criminal charges is terrifying for lack of better words and from day one, I knew I was in the best hands possible. My husband faced a felony possession charge plus a felony probation violation from a previously botched case that another 10 star over priced lawyer botched. He faced not only a new sentence, but his previous sentence. Attorney Scharff went above and beyond to show my husband’s accomplishmen’s in his struggle with addiction to the DA and judge. Through it all he remained by our side, did not sugar coat matters, and genuinely cared about us and our family. All calls were returned promptly and we were kept up to date about any new news in his case. He made us feel like he was not just fighting for a client, but his own family member. As hard as some details about his case were to discuss, Jessie made my husband feel comfortable and not looked down upon. After all was said and done we got the very best outcome, we got a miracle – plea deal for the felony obtained while already on felony probation and the probation violation dropped! Jessie kept our family together and supported my husband’s recovery. I would not have trusted this case to any other lawyer. This attorney is truly there for you every step of the way during the entire bewildering process of being charged with a criminal offence. When all was said and done, he ensured not only our legal needs were met above and beyond, but also our emotional well being. He took time after sentencing to walk us out of the court room, answer any more questions, accompany us to the probation intake, and even checked on us days after the case. If any member of my family needed a lawyer, even my own child, this is the only lawyer I would call. I cannot urge you strongly enough, don’t call around and get smoke blown to take your cash, call Attorney Scharff!

-Angie, Criminal Defense Client

Best Lawyer Ever!

Jesse is an absolutely INCREDIBLE lawyer, and person! I got in trouble with drugs and was facing felony charges. From the moment I met Jesse, my parents and I felt comfortable as he has a warm presence and provided optimism during a time of distress. Jesse was patient with myself, my parents, and the court systems, and my charges were dismissed within 7 months. Within a year, the charges were expunged off my record. Jesse kept us fully informed during the whole process, and it was obvious that he is well-liked in the courtroom. He is truly wonderful and I am so thankful for all of his help to get me through such a tough situation. I highly recommend him, you will not be disappointed.

-Katie, Criminal Defense Client

From the day I stepped into Scharff Law Firm, I felt like he truly wanted to get me the best care he can

Jesse,has been on top of things helping me ease my mind . Very helpful in explaining how the whole process works and quick responses as well. From the day i stepped into his office i felt like he truly want to help me get the best care as i can. I was dealing with a lot of stress, and this has truly helped put my mind at ease knowing i have someone backing me up. I can’t say enough about his concern, advice and expertise. Jesse is very helpful, supportive, knowledgeable, and professional in handling my case. I’m very grateful for all that he has done.Thank You!!!!

-Criminal Defense Client

Traffic Ticket

Jessie did a excellent job and I will refer him to family and friends and anyone that needs the help. I appreciate the work that he did for me.

-Kathy, Traffic Client

Jesse Scharff

I know this whole review thing may sound cliquish or redundant but, Jesse is an outstanding lawyer. From the moment I first discussed my case with him it felt like I was his only client. He worked with me keeping me informed of the whole court process and took some of the stress and worry off of my shoulders. Jesse is a real class act and knows the court system. I would highly recommend Mr. Scharff to anyone who needs a lawyer.

-John, Criminal Defense Client

Excellent Lawyer

I hired Jesse Scharff for my first-ever traffic violation, and working with Jesse has been nothing but impressive from the moment I first spoke with him. Honestly, I didn’t know what to expect since I had never hired a lawyer before. I consulted with a few lawyers in the area with great reviews (including Jesse), and decided to hire Jesse after my first consultation with him.

Jesse truly impressed me in our first conversation together, and he has and continued to be extremely personable, professional, and trustworthy throughout my time working with him. The other reviews that have been written about him are spot-on – Jesse gets the job done, and he makes sure that you know exactly what is going on, and what will happen before he moves forward. I truly have nothing but good things to say about Jesse, and I am so grateful to have hired him because he helped me get my case dismissed, my record is clean and intact, and he made a very stressful situation so much more manageable.

The only feedback I would give the Scharff Law Firm is a bit more communication on the logistics side, to help clients keep track of any court dates to attend.

Whether you are dealing with a traffic violation or something more serious, I can confidently recommend Jesse if you are looking for a lawyer you can trust to get the job done, and to make sure that you understand what is going on every step of the way.

-Michelle, Criminal Defense Client

Having dealt with multiple lawyers over the last three years, Only one continues to stand out…Attorney Scharff!

Per my Title above, I can honestly say without hesitation, that Attorney Scharff is the full package (and then some) as once he reviewed my pending case and granted us with the good news of accepting the role as my attorney with regards to a (very embellished) Cyber-stalking Motion, he never looked back but rather immediately took over the reigns in spearheading our entire defense strategy. He made it extremely clear that, with the exception of a few short Attorney & Client phone conferences in which we discussed over the phone, I was to focus on my important Day-to Day matters including not only focusing on my current job responsibilities, but also make sure that I focus my attention on those that are close to me (my wife & our 3 daughters). Jesse was the first attorney, out of the 4 that Ive personally hired to represent me over the last 3 difficult and extremely challenging years, One of our last in-person discussions that Jesse had with me, following the Judges dismissal of all alleged charges that were initially filed against me was, in my mind, very comparable to that of a Father and his son, whom of which needs to understand that regardless of whatever an outcome is following a very harsh and perhaps unpleasant scenario, its important to continue to hold our head high, even during the most difficult of situations. Mr. Scharff is extremely effective in identifying the vulnerability of the opposing counsels testifying witness, which can certainly give you, the client, a strong and competitive advantage in most any type of case. Let me conclude by saying that Attorney Scharff is highly intelligent and also very methodical in his approach to each facet of the trial process. And when those 2 amenities are combined with his dedication and strong will to come away victorious for his clients, you are left with nothing short of brilliance, both inside the court room and also in a one-on-one mediation involving another officer of the Courts. Thank you again Jesse, for seeing as well as ensuring our Victory in my recent Cyberstalking trial!! Without you, this victorious decision may not have been possible.

-Michael, Criminal Defense Client

Amazing, Trustworthy, and Hardworking – Look no further than Jesse Scharff.

I can not say enough good things about Jesse Scharff and his law firm. When I first got my speeding ticket for going over 100 mph in Wake County, I was afraid and was very sure I was going to be fighting fines, suspensions and insurance points for the next several years. I immediately began calling lawyers. Some lawyers said they would not be able to do much for me, others refused to even represent me, and others said they would be able to get one of my charges dropped but not much after that. From the moment I called Jesse I knew he was different. Jesse gave me an exact game plan of what he could do to get me the best possible outcome and from that moment worked relentlessly on my behalf. Throughout the entire legal process Jesse kept me and my family at ease while also being realistic with my circumstance which built up my confidence and trust in his council. Not once did I ever feel a sense of judgement from Jesse for my stupid mistake and instead he truly saw me as an upright good kid and wanted the court room to know that as well. Jesse was not only trustworthy and friendly, but his price was completely fair and reasonable for what he was able to offer. In fact, other lawyers that cost more money were the ones that said they could not help me out past preventing my license from suspension. All in all, if you are looking for a lawyer in Wake County, look no further than Jesse Scharff. After being caught speeding over 100 MPH, Jesse was able to get me a PJC and I am walking away with no fines, no points on my license and nothing on my record. Do yourself and your family a favor and hire Jesse, he is worth far more than any amount it may cost to hire him.

-Kyle, Criminal Defense Client

Hire Jesse Scharff!

Jesse was the 2nd attorney I spoke to regarding my DWI case with an accident. The first attorney, I almost hired but thankfully I decided to hear a few more out before making my final decision. After speaking with Jesse I realized that I should hear from a few more people because his responses differed so much from the first guy. I ultimately went with Jesse in the end because of his reviews and because he really knew how to break it down with me piece by piece to help me understand every angle we could take to help my case. He was extremely forthcoming with information and between him and his amazing partner in crime(defending) Reba, they kept me in the know at all times. It was a tough case to beat, especially with having an accident combined but Jesse was able to argue it down and give the judge enough doubt to find me not guilty for the DWI. I am very pleased with my outcome and I couldn’t have been more happy with my decision to hire Jesse Scharff to represent me. If, I ever need legal assistance in the future, he will be the first person I call to hire to obtain a reference from.

-Criminal Defense Client

The best in Raleigh!

Jesse has been of service to me on multiple occasions. I was first introduced after my triple digit speeding ticket. I was looking at a year suspension and several points on my record. Jesse was able to keep the points off my record and also allow me to keep my license. His firm kept me informed through the entire legal process. He is a true professional in this industry. Jesse knows exactly how to work through the Raleigh courts system as he has proved time and time again. In the future, I will not hesitate to have Jesse by my side in court.

-Matt, Criminal Defense Client

BEST Defense Lawyer

I was referred to Jesse by a former client of his. He & his wife, Reba, are extremely professional and pleasant to work with. He made me feel confident and comfortable throughout the entire process. It is clear that Jesse is directly invested in his clients’ best interest. In particular, Jesse explored multiple strategies and approaches to the case instead of just one “plan of attack,” which increased efficacy during the proceedings. He knows the law very well without hesitation. Another stand-out point for Jesse & his firm is communication; face-to-face time with your lawyer. I overheard a lawyer say to a client on a trial date, “I haven’t seen you in so long.” while I had just met with my lawyer the previous week. My review could go on for a while, but you can absolutely trust that you could not be in better hands with Scharff Law Firm.

By the way, my particular case was a SUCCESS, saving my dignity, future, and wallet!!

-Criminal Defense Client

The Best!

Absolutely will go to Jesse for any future needs in regards to anything with the legal process. He is a great Lawyer, Professional and is charismatic! Jesse was extremely diligent to get our situation handled and has the drive to get it done! Fantastic firm and you will be very well taken care of, highly recommend!

-John, Criminal Defense Client

In my time of need…

I was going through a very rough time due to a domestic violence situation going on in my life and in the beginning I had felt extremely weak and scared and powerless. Jesse and his wonderful wife Reba made me feel so at ease and safe and strong during the whole process. I had no clue what I was doing or what I needed to do next but he helped me every single step of the way. Jesse is an amazing lawyer and really goes above and beyond. He really cares and takes the matter at hand very seriously. Jesse really does a great job at making you feel like you and helping you through whatever the situation is you are going through a priority. It reflects through his consistent ability to make you important. I hope to never be in another life threatening situation like I was in but if I ever was I know that Jesse is the one I can count on. Thank for all that you have done for me.

-Amber, Domestic Violence Client

The Best!

Jesse is the best! He is confident, knowledgeable and dependable. I hope to not need his services again, but there is no doubt that others should contact him for representation on criminal charges. Jesse will work to achieve the best possible outcome !

-Criminal Defense Client

Attorney Scharff Is The Best!

Jesse Scharff is the best. This was my first arrest, and it was very scary to think about what could happen in court. Attorney Scharff put my mind at rest. The day before my first court date, it became obvious that the accuser wanted to bring up other issues. Attorney Scharff assured me that he would not let that happen. That reduced my stress incredibly. I followed his advice explicitly, and the case turned out better than I expected. His fees are among the best investments that I ever made! Thanks, Attorney Scharff!

-Domestic Violence Client

Please Call Him Now, I Urge You To Look No Further!

My case originally began with a very expensive, highly recommended attorney, rated a perfect 10 on this site, that I paid a small fortune to retain. What a HUGE mistake! I was tossed in a stack of files and only got 5-10 minute appointments, afterwards I left more afraid for my future and felt I was being forced to admit wrong doings that were completely false, all in hopes of taking a plea to something I did not do!

When i tried to offer that lawyer explanations all I got in return were snide replies and told how he wanted to proceed with my case. During high crisis moments in my case I was lucky to get his paralegal, who’s advice contradicted the attorney’s and when he did call me back hours later, I was scolded and all but hung up on! Despite my opinion of lawyers at this point I took a huge leap of faith and contacted Jesse.

I cannot express the overwhelming feeling of confidence and reassurance, without any false hope, for the first time since this began 1 year ago I could see the light at the end of the tunnel!! Our first meeting, he sat down with me and actually listened, really listened to my side. He is open, honest, knowledgeable, experienced, and just plain sharp! I retrieved my files from the so called top 10 lawyer I fired and drove right over to Jesse’s office on a Friday. He discussed the details of my case in a thorough, caring manner.

Explained my charges, their strengths and weaknesses, making sure I fully understood every aspect. My first meeting with Jesse lasted longer than the 6 months of appointments I had with my previous attorney. That night I finally felt relief and knew I was in competent hands, that will truly fight for my best outcome! My ordeal is still ongoing, but I feel like the weight of the world has been lifted. Jesse then continued working through the weekend on my case, he has even taken the time to contact me personally every step of the way, even on a Sunday morning, when most lawyers are off playing golf!

I have become very leery of lawyers blowing smoke to get your cash and add you to their other sheep farm, right from the start, I knew this was not the case! I would hire him to defend my own child, god forbid the need ever came to be, this is my level of confidence in this bright, clever, caring man! If you find yourself in a legal bind, I highly recommend you look no further than Jesse Scharff.

He will find the strengths and weaknesses in your case and has the knowledge and dedication to get you the best results possible. Finally, a real lawyer that takes his oath seriously! Again I strongly urge you to take my advice and call him immediately, I was shocked when I dialed his number and the voice that answered was his! Try calling around and see if you can find that kind of dedication anywhere else. I cannot say enough about his skills as a lawyer, his background acquiring his experience is admirable and proves true dedication, one every criminal defense lawyer should possess. My only regret is not finding him sooner!

-Criminal Defense Client

Good Overcomes Bad!!!

I don’t have a reference for comparison but my charges made up for a lifetime of not getting into trouble. Jesse put me at ease and was very reassuring that everything would work out and be okay. I trusted him and he came through for me. I asked him once why he wanted to do this line of work, since the guilty probably outnumbered the innocent. His answer, “To level the playing field”. I believe he felt I was innocent in my case. It was a long ride from guilty to innocent but I’m glad Jesse was at the steering wheel. I hope I will never need him again. But if I do or someone else does, he will come highly recommended. Thank you Jesse!

-DUI Client

Best In The Business

Unfortunately Jesse had to defend my daughter for a second drug incident. It didn’t look good on her end. However, Jesse was able to take the facts and speak with the DA. Once the court date rolled around Jesse was able to present a legitimate defense and the case was dismissed. Jesse is a seasoned professional and is great at what he does. He was quick to return phone calls and emails. He kept calm through both events and brought a peace to both myself and my daughter. through Jesse’s efforts, my daughter was still able to continue with her career and educational goals. Jesse is great. I highly recommend Jesse should you need a defense attorney.

-Criminal Defense Client

Methodical And Persistent …

Jesse explored so many angles, and was eventually able to chip away at the case enough to raise reasonable doubt and get a “not guilty” verdict. Although it was a long process, for sure, he remained encouraging but realistic, which was so very important to me. I was a newbie to all of this, and appreciated his deliberate step-by-step approach.

-DUI Client


Jesse is a very enthusiastic lawyer. It was a quick and easy process. If I did not hire him I would have probably been in a more serious issue than I already was. He was responsive to me and I was informed on every little detail throughout the case. He had helped me to see a better path and I am very thankful. I would highly recommend hiring him!

-Criminal Defense Client

Hiring Jesse Scharff Is Like Adding A Lawyer To Your Family

I am a very honest and direct person. I really appreciated that Jesse was always honest and direct and that he was very tactful as well as highly perceptive. I know that everyone accused of a crime says that they are innocent of the charges – I truly am. He never doubted my innocence for a second and was ready for battle from day one. He always kept me informed of my plea options, but when I told him I would never plead to guilty, he never tried to push me to do so. We got to know each other over two and a half years and over those two and a half years, he always kept in touch.

He never missed an appointment. He built a personal relationship with my family and I. He also knew the details of this case inside and out, never missing a beat. I’m not one to exaggerate, but Jesse truly is my hero. He’s an excellent attorney, who, in winning my case, overcame very much adversity in what I would call an impossible case to win. I’m not going to sugar-coat anything.

I was accused of a assault on a female. There was blood and an injured nose. There were kids on the premises. There was a police officer with false statements and no notes or records of notes taken. I am a black male. My accuser was a mixed female. This was my only dealing with the law and legal matters in general. At the time, I was a full-time graduate student and working two jobs. There is no way I would have been able to clear my name without a great lawyer.

Jesse is excellent. Jesse is also an avid listener, great speaker, as well a family man. He built a strong connection with my family as we bonded throughout the course of this case. I genuinely felt that he had a personal investment in my case. I knew that the only one who wanted to win this case and clear my name as much as me was Jesse. Jesse is a master strategist and communicator who brings a wealth of experience and insight to the table. I would highly recommend him to anyone in need of a great lawyer.

-Criminal Defense Client

Jesse Scharff Is A Lawyer Who Will Fight On Your Behalf To The End!

Jesse handled my case with professionalism from beginning to end. The first meeting with him made me feel confident that he would do everything he could to help me win this case. He made me feel comfortable and always answered my questions in easy to understand answers. In my particular case, he felt that my fourth amendment rights were violated and I was pulled over without probable cause – which is what I felt all along.

Even though the district court judge did not see things our way, Jesse was persistent and confident that a superior court judge would see things differently. He was right! Even though the legal process is long and drawn out, it was all worth it in the end. I was spared from thousands of dollars of expenses normally incurred in DUI cases. In addition, the emotional burden that comes with a legal case likes this has been lifted – which is priceless! I would highly recommend Jesse Scharff.

-DUI Client

Nobody Wants A Lawyer, But If You Need One You Need Jesse

When I realized I needed a lawyer I was totally overwhelmed by the amount of offices to choose from. I called around to get a price range, but it wasn’t until I called Jesse’s office that I knew I had contacted real people that would pay attention to my case and not just brush me off after I had handed over a check. I had a lot of questions and Jesse made it clear from the beginning that I could contact him anytime and did a great job of managing my expectations so I understood the possible outcomes for my case.

The staff was equally as helpful. I could drop by the office anytime and ask a question or call or even email and they always followed up with me quickly. Jesse and his team kept me informed of court dates and if and when the clerk screwed up the time Jesse intervened so the judge wouldn’t hold it against me. I have friends with horror stories of lawyers ignoring their calls or not showing up for court dates and I’m so grateful I didn’t have to deal with any of that. Even after my case was settled, I ran into Jesse and he gave me advice on the fly for a totally unrelated issue. I hope to never need Jesse again, but I know if I do he’ll take care of me.

-DUI Client

Jesse Scharff Gave Me My Life Back!

Jesse is hands down the best thing that happened to me after being charged with larceny. He moved with God’s speed to get the charges dismissed and my name cleared, when my reputation was being questioned and my career was on the line. His knowledge, disposition and skills are remarkable, and I have no doubt God put him in front of me for a good reason. I have tremendous respect for him, his follow through, commitment and people skills.

While being incredibly savvy, Jesse also has great social skills – a combination that is sometimes hard to find. I strongly believe that his confidence and assurance gave me the peace I needed when the ground was caving on me. He delivered the dismissal he told me he would get me, took care of me and had my back! Jesse is a good man, an outstanding lawyer and someone I will forever thank!!


Jesse Scharff

Jesse was outstanding in and out of the courtroom. He was very confident and straight forward with me through the entire process. He not only won the court case but won the DMV hearing. I would highly recommend Jesse and this law firm to anyone. What a fantastic team!

-DUI client


Jesse has been an excellent choice for me. Even though I live hundreds of miles away, he has been very responsive to my need for legal assistance. He has updated me on the details of my case and encouraged me every step of the way. He returns my calls in a timely matter. I’ve found that handling my case has be in the most professional manner. His staff has be understanding to my needs as they rely information to Jesse.

-Bobby, Criminal Defense Client

Couldn’t Have Asked For A Better Lawyer!

I highly recommend Jesse Scharff. In the process of searching for a lawyer, I instantly felt comfortable with him from the very first phone interview and decided he was the one to go with. He took the time to listen to me, and not be so quick to pass judgment on my character. I felt that he took a genuine interest in my case. During the whole process, he was reassuring and gave great advice and guidance when needed. I admired his honesty throughout my case – while it may have not always been what I wanted to hear, he told me like it was and didn’t “sugar coat” the facts. With that, he still helped me maintain a sense of hope.

He assured me he would explore every single angle of my case and had an incredible sense of confidence inside and outside of the courtroom. After a little over a year, my case resulted in a dismissal. This was so much more than I was expecting going into the whole situation. It was a true blessing to have Jesse as my lawyer, and the outcome of my case has positively impacted my life in so many ways. Jesse Scharff is an amazing, compassionate, and very knowledgeable attorney, and I would recommend him to anyone. Thank you Jesse!

-Dana, DUI Client

True Representation

In the wake of a DWI I quickly began to contact attorney’s that specialized in such cases only to find most representation put the majority of their concern on their counsel fees and my response time for such charges. When I spoke with Jesse’s desk they were initially interested in how I would like to handle my situation and the conditions of my accusations.

After which I was promptly transferred to Jesse who explained at my own face value what he would do to ensure that my case would be thoroughly denoted during the life of the trial. Needless to say, I retained his services on his face value shortly after our initial conversation, to which I cannot regret. When I first met with Jesse it was clear that he had done his homework and had experience dealing with similar situations . It was explained that he needed to look into my case and detailed the best/worst outcome and my mind was set at ease with the most probable.

Due to the prosecution’s delay my trial lagged for nearly a year, during which I was kept updated as to what to expect on my trial dates and as I am not a resident of the area asked whether or not I could be present. On the day my trial was finally heard I was not left on a cold bench wondering where my attorney’s interest lie, I was met before I could find my courtroom floor and assured that all was under control. Before facing my accusing officers and final sentence Jesse pulled me aside and explained what my outcome would be, resting assured I later drove out of Raleigh knowing that justice was served.

-Hunter, DUI Client


Jesse was confident and positive from the very first telephone interview. He assured me that he would work until the end for me and explore every angle of my case. When I was uncertain and scared at times, he was very reassuring. The outcome exceeded my expectation and changed my life in positive ways. He is a brilliant and compassionate attorney.

-Linda, DUI Client

Jesse Scharff

Miracle worker! Possibly Raleigh’s best lawyer. He really helped me out!

-Adam M, Criminal Defense Client

The lawyer To Go To!!

Perfect service, attention to case details. DWI case dismissed!! What more can I say.

-Alexander, DUI Client

Ruthless Representation

Jesse didn’t miss a beat with in my DWI case. His confidence in his ability kept me grounded resulting in ”hope” we could win my case. Without that – I may not have been able to exude such confidence in myself while up on the stand. Thank you Jesse for your Excellence in your ”Client Services”!

-Dorothy, DUI Client

If You Need Some Help, Trust Jesse

Jesse did an amazing job with my case and they treated with with absolute respect and were beyond professional. I had an unusual case and Jesse truly listened to me and got to know me. As a result he was able to provide the best defense that you could ever ask for. He never judged me and his knowledge of the law was amazing and it paid off in the end. Having someone who understood my situation and took a real interest in my case was both comforting and empowering.

As mentioned, my case was not your usual case and Jesse allowed my side of the story to be told and as a result everything turned out for the best. I was found not guilty by a jury and with his help, I am able to continue to move on with my life. The way Jesse handled himself in the courtroom was amazing and his closing statement could be compared to watching a movie. I could not believe how well he presented the information and how he had every jury member watching and listening to every word he was saying.

His statement wasn’t your typical lawyer BS or used car salesman speech, it was from the heart. He told the truth and he was my second voice. I am a male who was verbally, emotionally, and psychologically abused by my spouse and Jesse became my advocate and let my side be heard. I could go on and on about how pleased I am with his help on my case. No matter what the verdict could have been, I would say that I had the best lawyer and help that you could find. Having Jesse as my lawyer was a blessing and I would highly recommend him to anyone who needs help.

-Domestic Violence Client

Excellent Choice

I could not have made a better selection when I chose Jesse to handle my case. In any legal matter, being informed and cognizant of the facts concerning your case is very important. Jesse was able to always provide me the guidance and confidence that is indicative of a great lawyer. His legal knowledge and experience proved invaluable and ultimately resulted in the dismissal of my case. I would highly recommend Jesse as an excellent choice.


Great Guy

Although Mr. Scharff was not my primary attorney, he handled parts of my case. He was extremely friendly, knowledgeable, and very personable, remembering details about me when I’m sure he deals with many clients. He made me feel extremely comfortable, and I would recommend him for sure!

-Nicholas, DUI Client

One Great Lawyer

Jesse Scharff was assigned to handle my case and from day one he hit the ground running… In handling my case Jesse kept me informed on every move and he really kept me at a calm through the whole process. Jesse really impressed me with his knowledge of the law.. He got my case dismissed…. I would recommend Jesse Scharff to anyone!!!!!!!!

-Jamie, DUI Client


Jesse was super understanding and really gave me the one on one to help me. This was a first time offense, Wake county wanted to make a example out of me. But Jesse really work hard for me.

-Criminal Defense Client

Excellent, Knowledgeable, Timely And Thoughtful Service!

Jesse provided outstanding legal advice and expertise, his kind, thoughtful and forthright demeanor made the process much easier than I anticipated it would be. He kept me informed at each stage of the process and he delivered a very positive resolution. I have tremendous respect for Jesse as a lawyer and as a person.

-David, Criminal Defense Client

Good Lawyer

He did very well. I highly recommend him. He knows a lot and he knows what he’s doing.

-Kevin S, Family Client

The Best Experience Ever

He was great. He did everything he said he was going to and got it done before the deadline.

-Robert, Transportation Client


He handled a case for me and was very speedy and made sure to keep me or my other contact informed of what was going on. He was nice and personable. Would recommend to anyone and will use again if need be.

-Josh, Insurance Client