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Scharff Law Firm
Average rating:  
 14 reviews
by Chad S
When you need a hand to help pick you back up

Scharff Law Firm and Amily McCool are the absolute best law firm and individual lawyer that I have ever encountered. The follow through and level of professionalism experienced are unmatched. From the first consultation to the final court date, Amily made me feel like a friend that she wanted to help. When you are in a vulnerable state and have to hire the services of a professional, it is refreshing to have someone treat you like a friend, not a case number. Kudos to Amily and the firm for the extra effort towards client care.

by JB
Outstanding Representation - An Incredible Team

I came to Jesse with my life falling apart because someone wanted to take as much as they could from me. Not only did Jesse prove my innocence, he helped and walked me through every step of the process achieving the best possible of all outcomes we could have hoped for. If you need a team who works not just for what can be achieved easily but pushes to get the most and best results for his clients, Jesse and Reba are your team. I would highly recommend their hard work to anyone in need of a champion at your side.

by D. Conti
Awesome Lawyer

Our family and business was faced with a criminal matter and I contacted Mr. Scharff. I was told that Mr. Scharff would contact me back later that day for the consultation and he called exactly when expected. He respected our need for privacy and was honest about his thoughts regarding the matter. He was completely transparent and didn't request a retainer until he was sure we needed his services. I just felt a personal connection that made it easy to talk with Mr. Scharff. I was impressed by his clarity, transparency and his quick responses. I would highly recommend his practice to anyone in search of an attorney!!!

by Lori Diamond
Scharff Law Firm has to be the best firm in Raleigh if not the State of North Carolina

I unfortunately found myself facing criminal charges March of this year. Scharff Law Firm was the first practice I called..lucky for me. Called on a Saturday and they had me in the office for a consultation the next day.. a SUNDAY..WOW!! My first meeting with Jesse, I found him to be courteous, professional, strategic, knowledgeable, thorough as well as extremely detail oriented. After explaining my situation Jesse laid out a detailed and methodical outline of how the system would work and how "we" would come to the ultimate goal of a dismissal of the case. He had me sold with the word WE because he knows it's your life that is on the line and a conviction would have a profound impact in your life. Jesse keeps you actively involved in every aspect of the case. Any questions or concerns were always promptly answered, any obstacle I encountered I was guided in the correct direction within the system because you will see Jesse, is a compassionate listener, skilled & experienced counsel along with being a straight talker he really is your advocate. Jesse is in his element in the courthouse, he knows how to work within the system & the laws, along with having great relationships within the justice system all which give you an advantage as his client. Fast forward to August 2017, Jesse accomplished a dismissal in my case. I will be forever grateful for finding Scharff Law Firm. Jesse is by far one of the best attorneys out there and the State of North Carolina should be proud to have someone like him practicing in our state.

by Mike
Expert Lawyer

These reviews are true! I found Jesse on the internet and based on his reviews, I decided to call him. After speaking with him I immediately trusted and hired him. He is an expert lawyer, compassionate, straight forward and honest. He delivered excellent results, I highly recommend him.

by Vidhya

Professional, Trust Worthy and Intelligent Attorney - Jesse Scharff ..!!!

Jesse is extremely professional. He listened to the case patiently and prepared well for the case excecution. Anyone can trust Jesse for any legal issues and find their problem being solved within minimum time period. He will exactly follow the law by being in the best interests of his client side. Even Felony charges were tough to get dismissed, he made it very intelligently, being proactive before the defense can make up a decision in their mind. He convinced the court exactly the same as you were given a chance to explain your situation. He is the attorney with lot of real experience in understand the scenarios and guideded us very well through the process that will happen in the case. With minimum volunteering service agrement with court he was sucessful in closing the case much earlier than anticipated, just like a magic ..!!

Jesse : A man of word, everything went smooth and we are really happy and peaceful because the case is over. We are thankful to you Jesse because you brought our sleep back. Being with Jesse is the best thing happened even in the worst situation. If he could make it for us I think he will make it for everyone else too.. Go to Jesse if you want to be completely out of legal issues..

by Ashley
Wonderful Experience

I must have called 15 law offices trying to find my first attorney. As an Atlanta resident, I was extremely lost on how to handle this pending case and I was mortified at the thought of this mistake becoming a misdemeanor on my record. When I called Scharff Law Firm, Jesse immediately answered. He took his time explaining all of my options. I overshared with him, somehow hoping he could see that I was a good person (not that it mattered.lol) but his tone, professionalism, and clear knowledge of the law put me at complete ease.

In addition to my great experience with Jesse, I called to ask a few questions and was able to speak with Reba who caught on to exactly what I needed and gave me guidance on how to complete my assignment that I needed for court.

Everything went exactly as planned and my (silly) case was dismissed. I could not have done it without them and their support. I hope to never need them again, but there's no other place I'd go if I do. "That's how they roll" 🙂

by George

We could not have asked for a better lawyer. When we walked out of our first consultation my wife said, "I think we've hired the right lawyer", and she couldn't have been more right. Jesse is a true professional. He is thorough, hard working, non-judgmental, and without a doubt has his client's best interests at heart. I hope we will never need his services again, but if we did I wouldn't hesitate to call him. Thank you again Jesse, you are a lifesaver.

by Mariana Finamore
Brilliant Defense Attorney

I don't throw the word "brilliant" around much, because I work with some truly talented professionals, it's a high bar. Jesse Scharff is a brilliant attorney. I hired Mr. Scharff for a DVPO charge that was designed to terrify someone like me, someone with zero experience in the court system. Jesse stepped in immediately and protected me from all of the nightmares that come with being wrongly accused. He is focused, attentive, and extremely knowledgeable. He is well established in his community, which speaks to his trustworthiness as an attorney--when other legal professionals trust him, his judgement and integrity. Jesse stepped in on two occasions that an egregious act was about to befall me--and reversed the course of events. He is kind and compassionate as well. I was terrified at every turn, afraid to trust the system and he made me understand that he would not abandon me to these false charges. He followed through on his promise--and we walked away with the absolute BEST possible of all outcomes. I hope to never need a defense attorney again, but if I ever do, Jesse Scharff will be my first call.

by Manuel
domestic matter

I contacted Jesse for a domestic violence matter, I am a resident in California and having never met Jesse before I was unsure of what to expect. Immediately Jesse made me feel we were competent as a team, he was available to call me back when I had questions and needed clarification. We went to trial and walked away with the outcome in our favor. 5 stars for Scharf law firm.

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